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An education for the maintainable development should contribute to form all human beings with ethical values, without which the sustainable goal would be impossible.

1. The ethical values are those that allow respect and to appreciate, in all their dimension, the multiple diversities and to build, through the horizontal dialogue and of the mutual respect, a relationship of more harmonious coexistence among the countries, between the different sections and social factors in each country, among the human beings and in the environment of which we participated.

2. Develop in the school institutions, and from them, with the different support and social organizations, strategies and educational innovations that contribute to the formation of values, with special attention to the democratic ones, to the human rights, the gender vision, the peace, the tolerant coexistence, the respect to the environment and the natural resources.

3. Promote the teachers' appropriate formation for those purposes and to commit themselves executes participation in the educational innovations that are done necessary;

4. The respect to the life in all their manifestations, the participation citizen, the democracy, understood as the people's real possibility of all - men and women - of all of the ages, for us to announce active and efficiently in the construction of their lives to project the decisions that affect them

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